Inspiring Catholics

Global Summit Day: 5 October 2019 for host sites around the world

Mark your calendar for NES2020: 25 April 2020

The New Evangelization Summit

An international event that will inspire thousands of Catholics to be engaged in the New Evangelization

This conference will bring together speakers who are leaders in the New Evangelization to provide inspiration, encouragement, training, practical wisdom and resources on how Catholics can effectively evangelize. All Catholics – pastors, missionaries, lay ministers, and the lay faithful – will benefit immensely from this powerful opportunity to be further equipped in the fundamental mission of the Church.

The annual NES will be held in Ottawa and streamed to 7 host-sites. The broadcasting of the event will provide a way for Catholics from around North America to participate in the Summit. Thus approximately 5000 like minded Catholics from across the continent will be united in one goal – to be formed as evangelists and be part of a network of Catholic evangelists.

Our Goals

Our Speakers


Author & Founder, Divine Renovation Ministry


Archbishop of Quebec


Founder, Mission of the Redeemer Ministries


Co-developer, the Genesis Mission


Co-developer, the Genesis Mission


Founding Member, Sion Catholic Community for Evangelism

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Do you long to see others inspired with a passion for evangelization? Do you get excited about being part of a dynamic and amazing conference that is sweeping across the globe? Do you desire to see renewal in the Church?

If so, we'd love to hear from you to explore the possibility of having a Host Site with your diocese, parish, or organization.